About TRBF

The Rally Bear Foundation, a 501c3 organization (EIN 88-2321363), rallies alongside pets and their parents fighting canine cancer. Established in honor of Tucker Bear, a courageous senior rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who rallied against lymphoma, The Rally Bear Foundation’s mission is to support families battling a canine cancer diagnosis  ensuring no one fights alone. 

Be someone's sunshine when their skies are gray.

Our Founder

Tucker Picnic April 2022- Aimee

Aimee Broussard

Tucker came into my life as a foster in 2017. Pulled from a rural shelter at the guesstimated age of 8 and despite having a matted coat in such disarray that he had to be shaved completely down, it was love at first sight. His endearing temperament and gratitude for being rescued quickly won me over. His foster home became his forever home and we never looked back. 

During our 5+ years together, he taught me more than I ever wanted to know about IVDD, Spondylosis, MVD, Degenerative Myelopathy, and Cushing’s Disease. For years, we had standing “day dates” for acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Him, not me. The LSU Vet School knew us by name and had my cell phone number plugged in many of their phones. I even learned to pronounce the names of his Chinese Herbs, no easy task. With every diagnosis, he rallied and defied unthinkable odds. We often joked that his love for meals + his mama would provide him the stamina to keep going…forever.  Sadly, Lymphoma added to the equation would be the battle we just couldn’t beat. He would only survive a handful of rounds of various chemotherapy treatments before we retired his boxing boots (orthopedic shoes for stability) and granted him his well deserved rest, just 4 short months post onset of symptoms and 3 months post diagnosis. 

Despite his ailments, Tucker was fortunate. He had an entire team rallying behind him, cheering him on. He had a family with resources who were able to make whatever adjustments needed to ensure he received the very best treatment.  But even so, navigating a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming, oftentimes lonely, and very, very expensive.  If The Rally Bear Foundation can help deliver even a tiny bit of sunshine during this most unfortunate time, then we will have paid forward the immense joy that Tucker gave to us.  It is in his honor that we continue to rally, though it looks a little different these days. 

Thank you for your consideration in joining us as we help lift others.