Join Bea's Blanket Brigade

Bea, Tucker’s little sister, oversees the handmade blanket making for our Rally Bags. She ensures every blanket has been created for comfort and boosted with good energy before it departs The Rally Bear Foundation headquarters. She could use a little help operating the sewing machine though and that’s where you come in! 

Membership Details

Bea’s Blanket Brigade is the volunteer sewing team devoted to creating the handmade blankets that are included in each and every rally bag. Both volunteers and donors are included as official team members. 

We welcome handmade fleece blankets in any increment, but have the following requirements for official team membership that includes a complimentary volunteer t-shirt and other perks:

  1. 5 donated fleece blankets (you supply the fleece) 
  2. 10 donated fleece blankets (we supply the fleece) 



While there isn’t a pattern, our blankets consist of 1 yard each of complimentary fleece fabrics (paw prints on one side and a solid on the other, for example). With right sides together, a seam is sewn around the blanket leaving a small opening, the blanket is turned right side out, pressed or smoothed, and then topstitched to close and finish off. 

Yes, you can shop our Amazon wishlist here: Rally Bear Wishlist.