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How to Paint a Pawcasso

One of the best memories I made with Tucker, while he still had interest in treats and would lick peanut butter, was to have him create a Pawcasso paint portrait.  I adore his painting so much that I have chosen to include the supplies in our rally bags so our recipients can create a memorable project themselves. It was a bucket list activity for Tucker, but my other dogs will be creating their own art soon so that I’ll have a gallery wall of their creations- created at different times and not because we were clinging to the time we had left. Bea will be making hers for her birthday this Fall, and my M&Ms (Murphy & Milo) will do theirs together soon.   

You don’t need to be fighting cancer though, to enjoy this fun project with your pet! 

Let’s dive in to How to Paint a Pawcasso. 

Supplies you’ll need: 

Small Canvas (ours is 8×10) 

Acrylic Paint

Jumbo Ziplock

Peanut Butter 


  1. Spread a thin layer of peanut butter across one side of your Ziplock bag. Set aside. 
  2. Squeeze your paint onto your canvas. I like to start in the corners, about an inch from the edge, and work myself around the canvas. About 9 squeezes, alternating colors. 
  3. Open your Ziplock bag and carefully slide your canvas into the bag, making sure not to smear the paint, or allow any paint to get onto the outside of the plastic bag. Seal the Ziplock and fold that part underneath the canvas. 
  4. Now it’s time to have fun! I found that holding the canvas, or placing the canvas on a rug will help it from sliding around too much. If you have a smaller dog, you’ll need to hold the canvas, turning it to allow all sides to be accessed without walking onto the canvas or making a giant mess trying to access the middle. 


How to Paint a Pawcasso

Once the peanut butter has been licked and you feel like the colors have merged together to your liking, lift the Ziplock from the canvas with one hand while gently sliding the canvas from the plastic bag with the other, careful not to smear the paint. 

If adding any type of sparkles or glitter, do that now. 

Allow the canvas to dry completely. 

Add some ribbon, your pet’s name, and voila. 

Pawcasso Paint Project

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